The Brand Exposure, Electronic-Word-of-Mouth Communications, and Customer Satisfaction through Social Media Affecting Private Label Brand Trust

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อำพล นววงศ์เสถียร


The objectives of this study are to study and analyze the brand exposure, electronicword-
of-mouth communications, and customer satisfaction through social media affecting private
label brand trust. This study begins with a review of literatures about its brand trust and influence
of social media, especially electronic-word-of-mouth communications, as a communication tool
for marketers in the brand exposure process, customer satisfaction and private label brand trust.
The theoretical foundation of the study influenced the formation of the research hypotheses
and a conceptual framework posed. A mail survey is conducted to focus on quantitative results.
The questionnaire-based survey is applied to a sample of 560 consumers who bought or ever
bought private label brand in Bangkok Metropolitan. The notable finding of the research is that
electronic-word-of-mouth communications, customer satisfaction and brand exposure factors
through social media are the main factors affecting private label brand trust. The results indicate
that marketers should create private label brand trust through social media using electronic-wordof-
mouth communication. This leads to the creating exposure of private label brand and customer
satisfaction. As a result, businesses can make profit from private label brands in the long run.


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