The Development of Learning Media by Using Augmented Reality Technology on Library Services Introduction of the Central Library of Srinakharinwirot University


  • Ruangnapa Chochaiyatich Srinakharinwirot University
  • Sumattra Saenwa
  • Dussadee Seewungkum


Augmented Reality Technology, Information Service


This research aimed to develop learning media using augmented reality technology and to evaluate the satisfaction of service users on learning media about the introduction of available services of the Central Library of Srinakharinwirot University. V-Player was an application software used in this research for developing the learning media. Data collected from questionnaires of 30 samples of professors, students, staffs were used to evaluate the satisfaction of the service users. Data were statistically analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation.

The results of this research were: 1) the result of developing learning media using augmented reality technology, which consist of available service details of the Central Library presented on each floor. The details of all 6 floors were displayed in graphics and videos which accessible by using the application software V-Player via devices such as mobile phones or tablets, 2) the result of the service user satisfaction evaluation found that the level of satisfaction was on high level. Considering in each aspect, the result showed that the users’ satisfaction was on high level in every aspect. The highest mean was in augmented reality technology using, followed by the content of the media, screen elements, and layout.


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