English-Thai Online Learning Media Development for Promoting and Boosting the Sustainable Community Tourism at Khlong Khang Village

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Sarathorn Munpru



At present, technology plays intensely vital role in Thai society and used to enter students and Thai people to Thailand 4.0. Not only online learning is a part of many courses and making learning extend outside the classroom but also enables learners’ lifelong learning. This research project was supported by Research and Development Institute, Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University. The objectives of this study were to: 1) study the potential of community-based tourism of Khlong Khang Village, Nakhon Sawan Province 2) develop English-Thai online Learning media for promoting and boosting the community tourism at Khlong Khang Village 3) pilot the online e-learning implementation and testing the effectiveness of the online e-learning for promoting and boosting the community tourism at Khlong Khang Village with the primary school students at Wat Khlong Khang School. The samples consisted of 32 people who were teachers, local people who lived in Khlong Khang Village and 30 students who were studying in Prathom 4-6 in Wat Khlong Khang School. This research was conducted with mixed-methods. The research instrument comprised of both 5-points rating scale questionnaires and the interviews. The data analysis was percentage and the standard deviation.

The findings showed that students are able to apply knowledge gained from the online

e-learning and lead the tourists through the interesting parts of their village. This also beneficial to local people for self-learning and promoting Khlong Khang Village. Local people can use the
English-Thai media for promoting and boosting the sustainable community tourism at Khlong Khang Village.


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