• Yatima NUTDAENG Faculty of Political Science, Bangkokthonburi University, Thailand
  • Sangiam BOOSSABABARN Faculty of Political Science, Bangkokthonburi University, Thailand
  • Nattapol PROMWICHA Faculty of Political Science, Bangkokthonburi University, Thailand




Migrant Worker, Laotian Labor, Quality of Life, Bangkok


The objectives of this research were 1) to study the quality of life of Laotian migrant workers who come to work in Bangkok, Thailand and 2) to study the obstacles related to the quality of life of the Laotian migrant workers. The qualitative research method used the in-depth interview. The researchers followed the steps according to the research methodology. The data has been studied and analyzed. The interview was done for the data collection on 18 people. The research findings showed that 1) For the labor quality of life, Laotian migrant workers are quite satisfied with work and with the quality of life from earning more income and being able to help their family and living in Bangkok. The danger that will occur is minimal because most of them come to work in the service category. Problems in communication are found after working for 1-2 years. The employer will issue a legal immigration card for illegal immigrant workers. 2) There are two reasons for coming to work for Laotian: illegal and legal immigration. The problem of illegal migrant workers is that it is difficult to access legal medical care. There is discrimination in some cases but in a minority. Traveling for relaxation or sightseeing is difficult. The laborers must hide themselves in living and working. As for migrants who enter legally, there are very few problems and obstacles.


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