About the Journal

Journal Description

International Journal of Crime, Law and Social Issues (e-ISSN: 2730-3691is an international open peer reviewed e-journal published biyearly by the Political Science Association of Kasetsart University, Thailand in cooperation with the Criminal Justice Department, Midwestern State University, USA & Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Buriram Rajabhat University, Thailand. This journal aims to promote new discoveries in the various disciplines of knowledge, within and across criminal justice, law, and interdisciplinary studies in social issues, which are contributed by researchers and experts from all over the world. Therefore, the editors dedicated to providing a venue for both academics and practitioners to publish their original research articles and reviews in English.



International Journal of Crime, Law and Social Issues seeks articles addressing issues in the following areas:

1) Criminology and Criminal Justice

- Comparative Criminology

- Crime Prevention

- Crime Statistics

- Criminal Behavior

- Criminal Careers and Desistance

- Domestic Violence

- Deviant Behavior

- Evaluation of Criminal Justice Agencies

- Fear of Crime

- The International Crime Victims Survey

- Juvenile Delinquency

- Penology

- Victimology

2) Law

- Admiralty (Maritime) Law

- Bankruptcy Law

- Business (Corporate) Law

- Civil Rights Law

- Criminal Law

- Entertainment Law

- Environmental Law

- Family Law

- Health Law

- Immigration Law

- Intellectual Property Law

- International Law

- Labor (Employment) Law

- Military Law

- Personal Injury Law

- Real Estate Law

- Tax Law

3) Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Issues


Peer Review Process

All papers included in this journal were open peer reviewed by at least three suitably qualified experts. All publication decisions are made by the editors on the basis of the reviews provided.


Plagiarism Policy

International Journal of Crime, Law and Social Issues is part of CrossCheck, an initiative to assist editors to validate the originality of submitted articles. As part of this procedure, manuscripts are scanned and compared with the CrossCheck database.

All the manuscripts submitted for publication are checked for plagiarism within 48 hours. If plagiarism is identified by the editor-in-chief, editor and reviewer etc., at any step of article before or after peer review process and acceptance in that case we will alert the author(s) and will request them to rewrite the content in the article or to cite the references from where the content has been copied. If more than 30% of the content is plagiarized, the article may be suggested to rewrite or rejected and the same is informed to the author.



International Journal of Crime, Law and Social Issues is an fully open-access publication: in accordance with this definition, all copyright holders of the scholarly works published in IJCLSI grant usage rights to others using an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) open license allowing for immediate free access to the work and permitting any user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles, crawl them for indexing, pass them as data to software, or use them for any other lawful purpose. Users of IJCLSI content must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the work and indicate if changes were made.


Publication Frequency

There are 2 volumes each year and each volume will be published every 6 months namely:

• 1st Volume, from January-June

• 2nd Volume, from July-December





Journal History

International Journal of Crime, Law and Social Issues (IJCLSI) was first published in 2014 under the name of RSU International Journal of College of Government (RSUIJCG) with the cooperation between Political Science Association of Kasetsart University (PSAKU) and Rangsit University (RSU) College of Government under ISSN 2351-0854 to provide the space for disseminating academic and research papers of academicians and researchers from all over the world in political science, public administration, diplomacy & international studies and criminology & criminal justice administration. The articles are reviewed by 2 experts in the double-blind peer review form before publication. 

RSUIJCG was indexed in various international databases such as Index Copernicus (Poland) Google Scholar (under Google Digitization Project of Index Copernicus) (USA) and Ingenta Connect (United Kingdom) including Social Science Research Network (USA) which are 2 of 19 international databases according to the Higher Education Commissioner’s 2013 Regulations on Criteria to Consider Academic Journals for Publishing Academic Papers since 2016. It leads this journal to have the complete status of peer-reviewed international journal following the mentioned announcement.

IJCLSI changed to use the current name along with changing the co-publisher from RSU to Midwestern State University (MSU), USA, since the 4th year of publication due to the signing of Memorandum of Understanding on Academic and Research Cooperation between PSAKU and MSU. This causes Criminal Justice Department of MSU to become the co-publisher of this journal instead. Dr.Attapol Kuanliang, Professor of Criminal Justice of MSU joined taking the position of editor of this journal replacing Professor Dr.Somboon Suksamran, Dean of RSU Faculty of Political Science since that year.

For the convenience in the management and response to the changing behaviors and needs of readers, since 2020, IJCLSI has changed the publishing format from the printed journal to electronic journal (with the open access model) under e-ISSN 2730-3691 with the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of 10.14456/ijclsi.Year of Publication.Article No. from submitting, reviewing and publishing articles on the Thai Journals Online (ThaiJO) system.

Since 2021, IJCLSI has been considered in the index of TCI database (Tier 1). In addition, in accordance with the Notification of Civil Service Commission in Higher Education Institutions on the Criteria and Procedures for Appointing Persons to be Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Professors (No. 4) B.E.2564, IJCLSI has increased the number of experts to consider the articles from 2 to 3 persons. Currently (2022), the frequency of publication is 2 issues per year and it is in the process of developing quality of the journal prepared to be submitted for the evaluation of indexing in other databases as well.

From July 1, 2022, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Buriram Rajabhat University, Thailand will become a co-publisher and Associate Professor Dr.Akkarapon Nuemaihom, the Dean, will be a co-editor of IJCLSI. In addition, for greater transparency and efficiency, IJCLSI will change the model of article quality assessment from double blind peer review to open peer review.