• Natthamon PETCHKLA Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  • Sumonthip CHITSAWANG Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


Cyberterrorism, Counter-cyberterrorism, Government sector’s Response, Fear of Cyberterrorism, Critical National Infrastructure


Since the internet was invented, the global community has been rapidly changed by the advance of technology in cyberspace. A prominent issue now confronting society is the increase of cyberattacks which can be linked to cyber-terrorism. Individual countries in the world are now starting to address the concerns of cyberterrorism as a new means to achieve political goals. Thailand is one of these countries that has just started to pay this issue attention, but is not as advanced in dealing with the issue as some other nations are. In order to respond to the current cyberterrorism situation in Thailand and the situation that may occur in Thailand in the future, this presentation aims to review the definition of what cyberterrorism actually is, and the preparation plans of various governmental agencies which are at risk of cyberterrorism in order to evaluate the situation of cyber terrorism and the way to deal it in the future. Moreover, qualitative approaches which are documentary research and in-depth Interviews via in-person and online, will be used to develop the research solutions. In-depth interviews with more than 30 people from Thai policy analysts, technicians and international experts in cyber security have been undertaken and will be used in this research.




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Petchkla, N., & CHITSAWANG, S. (2022). GOVERNMENT SECTOR’S RESPONSE IN COUNTER-CYBERTERRORISM IN THAILAND. Asian Crime and Society Review, 9(2), 1–11. Retrieved from