Enactment of Law on Coverage and Provision of Long-Term Health Services for Thailand's Elderly


  • Supatra Phanwichit School of Law, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand


Elderly, Coverage, Health Service


Presently, Thailand has moved into becoming a complete aged society since 2021, affecting the country's development and economic growth in the long run, with respect to the health, economy and society at large, because the elderly are a risk group prone to chronic health problems, resulting in the medical expenses continually rising, having impact on the balance of Thailand's demographic structure. Thus, it is necessary to have definite legal measures in place for setting up a framework to mobilize operations of all agencies and bring about bases of long-term health protection and care, as assurance for the elderly and to accommodate rights of the elderly, which are recognized by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, by enacting a specific law on coverage and provision of health services for the elderly, whose principles are to expressly separate the law on health insurance and a law on coverage and care for the elderly, whereas the law to be enacted will focus and prioritize the elderly, who are dependent on the long-term health care. Enactment of the said specific law will make operations on the elderly seamless, definite and concrete, and enable mobilization of public policies on full preparation for the aging society, as well as succeed in the goal of coverage and care for the elderly.




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