The Development of Supervision Training Course on STEM Education Learning Activities for Private School Teachers


  • Orawan Khummanee Ranong Education Office, Thailand


Supervision Training Course, Learning Activities, STEM Education


The research was to develop and study effects of supervision training course on STEM Education learning activities for private school teachers. The target group for suitability assessment consisted of 5 specialists of curriculum development, educational supervision, academic affairs administration, teaching supervision, and private education encouragement. Research instruments featured a questionnaire. The data were analyzed by mean and standard deviation. In addition, the target group for the study of the results of the training course was 30 teachers of 5 private primary schools in Ranong, obtained by purposive sampling. The research instruments were training course documents, a test, practice assessment form, and questionnaires. The data were analyzed for efficiency of the curriculum and outcomes based on criteria with 80/80 of mean and standard deviation. The findings found that 1) the course included principles and rationale, objectives, structure, training process, materials, including assessment and evaluation. The overall suitability of the course was at the highest level. Considering in each component, it was found that training materials were at a high level, and other components were at the highest level. 2) The effects of using the training course revealed that: 2.1) the efficiency of E1/E2 was 86.38/84.83 percent, higher than the criteria defined; and 2.2) the teachers' satisfaction towards the curriculum use, in overall, was at the highest level. The aspect of supervision and being an academic trainer, also joint planning on promoting STEM Education learning activities was at the high level. However, the other aspects were at the highest level.




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