The Scenarios of COVID-19 in the Context of the Indian Sub-continent (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan)


  • Abdul Karim Gazi Studying Sociology


Health Condition, Economy, Education, COVID-19, Indian Sub-Continent


COVID-19 is a pandemic, hampering human progress and well-being all over the world. Therefore, based on the qualitative method of research, the author intended to discuss the sweeping impacts of COVID-19 in the Indian Sub-continent. It is now clear that the COVID-19 at first attacked violently on the health opportunities of the countries. The overwhelming evidence is a large number of people infected and died for the longest time here. Truly, the economy of the countries was wounded seriously, creating food insecurity, lack of nutrition, high poverty rate, etc. To begin with, having many effective initiatives, the governments try to cope up with the loss gradually. In contrast, the education system was hampered tremendously due to the closure of their respective educational institutions. Most importantly, the governments initiated the E-learning system in catering to the needs of students although the lack of online materials in remote and rural areas was the main barrier of this system. Above all, people should go consciously beyond the call of duty to alleviate the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 with the government as much as possible.




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