Public Confidence in Security Management in Pattaya City, Thailand


  • Patchara Santad Faculty of Police Science, Royal Police Cadet Academy, Thailand
  • Chet Ratchadapunnathikul Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University, Thailand


Confidence, Security Management, Pattaya City


The objectives of this research are ( 1) to survey the public confidence and ( 2) to analyze the relationship between the confidence in security management in Pattaya City and personal factors. The sample group consists of 719 Thai and foreign tourists, professionals and people in Pattaya City. The survey method was applied through the use of a self-reported questionnaire in which 6 aspects: public hazard, environment, public health, traffic, life and property and tourism. The result demonstrates that foreign-tourist samples have a high level of confidence ( with an average score of 3.56) while Thai samples have a moderate level of confidence (with an average score of 3. 13) . This shows that there is a statistical significance regarding nationality ( 2= 41.348, p-value = 0.000). In addition, the difference in average level of confidence corresponds with 3 demographic characteristics: association with Pattaya City, age and occupation. People are most concerned about tourism and life and property security. They foresee that international standards should be applied, that businesses should align with the government’s policies and that employee competency should be developed to be able to provide the quality goods and services.




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