Development of the Metropolitan Police Emergency Call System


  • Tunlawat Narognsak Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University, Thailand


Emergency Call National, Emergency Call Center, Metropolitan Police Bureau


The objectives of this research were to discern the problems facing the metropolitan police emergency call system and develop a strategy for best practices from analysis of existing foreign emergency call systems. In this research, quantitative and qualitative methods were employed. The results revealed that the metropolitan police emergency call technology systems is outdated, resulting in failed operations. The issue has been compounded by inadequate facilities and personnel with insufficient legal and police tactical knowledge. Budget shortages have occupied the ability to acquire necessary tools and equipment for effective action without support from government. Ideally, crime victims or injured persons should be able to call the emergency call center for police, ambulance, firefighters or other government and public sector services which are offered for free. It is recommended that emergency calling should be centralized in one center of operation called the “National Emergency Call Center” to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the emergency call system. Moreover, the metropolitan police center should integrate other tools for surveillance and crime prevention into its responses such as Miracle Eyes, Police I Lert You, and social media in order to increase operational efficiency. Social media can also be deployed as an effective means of raising public awareness and bringing issues to the attention of the police.




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