Development of Inquiry Officer in Criminal Justice System of Thailand


  • Sunee Kanyajit Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University, Thailand


Inquiry Officer, Police Officer, Criminal Inquiry, Justice System


The objectives of this survey were to examined problems on criminal inquiry and discover the development of inquiry officers in Thailand. The qualitative study was conducted by all ranks of inquiry officer from Metropolitan Police Bureau, Provincial Police Region 1-9 and The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre. Then, purposive sampling was gathered from three provinces in Thailand which have the highest rate of criminal cases and also collected data from inquiry officers in region (1-9). Each region was select three provinces and the province contained 40 samples. The total number of sample was 1,320. The results reveal that the problems of inquiry officer in Thailand were issue of force, budget, materials and equipment, procedure, freedom on discretion and job function of inquiry. The way of development of inquiry officers was to rapidly solve high priority problems and longterm problem in order to develop inquiry officer substantially.




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