The Developmental Model of Prisoner Classification in Thailand


  • Supachoke Khuanruechai Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University, Thailand


Prisoner Classification, Prisoner Classification System, Delphi Technique, Corrections and imprisonment


The aim of prisoner classification in Thailand is to separate and treat various types of prisoner appropriately according to security and rehabilitation purposes. Nevertheless, there are many problems or obstacles for prisoner classification system. This paper aims to study and analyze the problems and obstacles related to the classification of prisoners in Thailand and develop an appropriate prisoner classification system model in Thailand. Delphi technique is conducted in order to contribute Thailand prisoner classification model. Accordingly, there are 21 experts as key informants in this paper. The group of experts is comprised of policy maker in correction, expert practitioner in prisoner classification, classification staff. Consequently, there are 6 issues for a development model of Thailand prisoner classification which are (1) characteristics of classification of prisoners, (2) types of classification of prisoners, (3) the process of classification of prisoners, (4) grouping of prisoners, (5) the pattern tool in the classification of prisoners, and (6) the efficiency and effectiveness of the classification of prisoner.




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