The Use of Online Dispute Resolution under the United Nations Dispute Resolution Framework


  • Kodchakorn Na Nakornphanom Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand


Information Technology, Online, Alternative Dispute Resolution, United Nations


Nowadays legal justice procedure are taken place across the globe and the Information Technology is often brought into the picture to assist various aspects of our everyday lives. With regards to disputes which are common and are persistent within today’s society, countries have set up specific organization known as ‘court’ to deal with such matter. In general, everyone is entitled to present their cases to the court of law, however, in reality, the practices and procedures contain a lot of difficulties and obstacles, for example, the overload of cases filed before court which in turn results in the delay of justice. Also, taking cases to court involves various steps and complicated protocols that produce hindrances for the people to access the system. Accordingly, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has been introduced as an alternative option to the traditional approach of conflict settlement. ADR popularity is heighten with the use of online facility and information technology. The newly introduced Online ADR, with effective database management, allows people to gain easier access to the justice system, saving both the cost and the time, including other resources spent on legally resolving disputes.




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