ACSR 2023 Peer Review Metrics


Submission to First Decision: Manuscripts are reviewed by the editorial team, assessed for quality by peer reviewers, and the editorial team sends the first decision back to the authors so that they can improve the quality according to suggestions (if any), including formatting as required by the journal. This takes approximately 23.1 days.

First Decision to Acceptance: The authors have improved the quality of the manuscript according to the recommendations of reviewers, and formatted it as specified by the journal until it is complete and accurate according to the journal's standards, including being accepted for publication in approximately 69.1 days.

Acceptance to Publication: The production process after the manuscript has been accepted and published takes approximately 25.4 days.

The operational efficiency of ACSR's editorial team in 2023 is considered to have dropped somewhat from the previous year. Previously, it used to take only 43.45 days for the entire process from submission to publication, increasing to 117.6 days. The editorial team has therefore set a goal to reduce the time in the second step, from first decision to acceptance, to within 30 days only.