The service quality assessment of Suvarnabhumi Airport based on social media opinion with Importance-performance Analysis

  • Siriwan Chaisurayakarn Faculty of Management Sciences, Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus
  • Sarun Dunsathit Faculty of Management Sciences, Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus
Keywords: Service quality, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Sentiment analysis, Importance-performance analysis


Airport is one of services industries which play an important role to increase the country’s economic growth. Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the most popular destinations for travellers and businessman; and to delivery services to serve all their needs the service quality is selected to measure the airport’s performance. The purpose of the study is to assess the service quality of Suvarnabhumi Airport from the social media opinion. The data in this study was collected by using the social media opinion, 660 Thai and English opinions were collected and verified. Sentiment Analysis and Importance-performance Analysis were employed as techniques for analyzing the qualitative data to match with the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) factors.

The results of this research found that there were four quadrants as: Quadrant I concentrate here, Quadrant II keep up with good work, Quadrant III low priority, and Quadrant IV possible overkill. There were 10 attributes that the users gave priority as Ground transport; Passport control waiting time; Ease of finding way; Courtesy and helpfulness of staff; Restaurant facilities; Shopping facilities; Cleanliness of toilet; Cleanliness of airport terminal; Arrival passport inspection and Ambiance of the airport. Eight attributes were shown as high importance and high performance whereas two attributes (Passport control waiting time and Arrival passport inspection) were shown as high importance but low performance. The theorical and practical implications of this study are discussed.


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