Graphic Design of Poster for The Japan World Exposition, Osaka 1970


  • Jirayu Pongvarut Digital Expression Design Course, Faculty of Art and Design, Tokoha University


Japan World Exposition Osaka 1970, EXPO'70, Graphic Design


This article aims to study the graphic design works for "the World Expo Osaka 1970 including posters, emblems, logos and signage. The methods are to survey the development of design from the first design competition before the event started to the ending days by means of design and printing processes. The findings are 1) the complex of design competition, judgment and the number of designers involved have resulted in overall graphic designs with different art directions; 2) The poster design which was first published in 1966 (3 years before the Expo), and the last one in 1970 were different in both art direction and in methods for their creation and printing. Some of them are graphic images of abstract lines and colors via silkscreen printing but some are photographs of human figures via offset printing. Rather than the unity of art expression which was supposed to be seen in this event, a diversity of art directions are clearly seen in the overall design of this Expo.




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