Healing mental health conditions with art therapy


  • Saiaksorn Rakkhong คณะศิลปวิจิตร สถาบันบัณฑิตพัฒนศิลป์


Mental Health Conditions, Depression, Art Therapy


               Today, humans need to deal with risk, loss, and depression from the uncertainties in life. An individual experiences stress and pressure on a daily basis. Consequently, there is a growing number of mental illness patients. Artists are not the exception as they experienced traumas in their past causing the depression. The purpose of the research is to study artworks from three female artists, Yayoi Kusama, Metta Suwanasorn, and Watcharaporn Yoodee, who use art as a therapy to relax and release emotions in a creative way. Expressions proceed through different forms of art such as painting, sculpture, collage, and weaving. It is found that the creative expression helps mental illness patients to have better emotional balance, be more aware of their emotions, control their emotions better, have better focus, and relieve their stress. It is also one of many best ways to get through hard times in life.




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