The Buddha’s Intention to Establish the Bhikkhuni Sangha


  • ณัชปภา วาสิงหน คณะศิลปศาสตร์ สถาบันการจัดการปัญญาภิวัฒน์


the Buddha, establishment of Bhikkhuni Sangha


This article aims to study the Buddha’s intention to establish Bhikkhuni Sangha in Buddhism because Bhikkhunis are the group of persons that always exists with all the previous Buddhas; Bhikkhunis should exist with the Present Buddha. Moreover, dividing Buddhists into four equal assemblies means giving respect to Bhikkhunis. There are also the words of the Buddha said to Mara that he would not Parinibbana unless he had taught Bhikkhunis everything needed for the attainment of the dhamma, while at that time Bhikkhunis had not yet existed. In addition, the existence of Bhikkhunis Sangha was more in line with the goal and principles of the dhamma attainment than its non-existence. So the reason why the Buddha did not give immediate ordination of Bhikkhuni Sangha would rather be the social situation concern.




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