Currently, the journal JARS accepts only English manuscripts. Please ensure that the appropriate type of Manuscripts from the following lists must be selected when making a submission.


The research papers should be rigorously well-researched, well organized and clearly written. It presents innovative research that make a potentially significant and long-range contribution to research and practice in the given fields. JARS also welcomes manuscript that aims at an on-going debate on a particular issue or an extension form on conference proceeding in the research and practice of the fields.


Article review presents extensive overviews of literature within JARS’s scope of fields. It allows scholars o to analyze and evaluate literature of other experts in the given fields. Typically, JARS will invite leading experts to prepare an article review. However, authors, who have interest in this section, are also welcome to submit the review.  


Book Reviews critically overview a book published within five years which is related to the JARS’s scope. The review contains critical evaluation of the academic contribution of the book. The book review may be submitted by invitation or willingly.