Legal and Ethical Measures to Regulate the Use of Cannabis in the Food and Beverage Industry

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Piangpol Charoenpunt
Kristhyada Kerdlapphon
Paninee Kitpoka
Chaninat Leeds
Siriphan Polrob
Jittra Phienlumlert
Pongsit Aroonratanakul
Chittasuphang Tontipiromya


The objective of this article was 1) to examine the concepts and legal principles related to the use of cannabis in food and beverages across international organizations and the United States, as well as in Thailand. The article also 2) aimed to analyze legal and ethical measures for utilizing cannabis in food and beverages in Thailand. Finally, it 3.) suggested guidelines for adopting legal and ethical criteria for the use of cannabis in food and beverages in Thailand. The research methodology employed in this study is qualitative research, including analysis and descriptive explanation.

The research has identified two major legal problems in implementing ethical measures (collectively known as "Soft Law") for food and beverage operators in Thailand. The first one is the absence of a model for operator's ethical conduct towards cannabis, and the second one is the lack of substance in ethical measures for operators regarding cannabis. To address these issues, the study proposes two recommendations: 1) adopting an ethical conduct model for operators concerning cannabis plants, and 2) adopting an ethical conduct substance for operators regarding cannabis. These recommendations can help regulate the use of cannabis in food and beverage businesses more effectively and promote safe and responsible use of cannabis.

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Charoenpunt, P., Kerdlapphon, K., Kitpoka, P., Leeds, C., Polrob, S., Phienlumlert, J., Aroonratanakul, P., & Tontipiromya, C. (2023). Legal and Ethical Measures to Regulate the Use of Cannabis in the Food and Beverage Industry. Journal of Arts Management, 7(4), 1305–1326. Retrieved from
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