Strategies for Developing Risk Management of the Area Revenue Branch Under the Revenue Office Region 7

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Phonlapoom Sungsuwan
Ratchnee Nithakorn
Kwandao Jaemchaeng


This article aimed to study operating conditions, risks, conditions, problems and related factors by sample, and the key informant was an officer/district revenue officer to develop a strategy for developing risk management at the Area Revenue Branch Office and evaluate strategies. The data was collected using a questionnaire, group discussion, interview, workshop, and seminars based on experts. The data were analyzed by finding the percentage, mean, standard deviation. and content analysis. The job in the responsibilities were as follows: 1) the job in the responsibilities was a service job. Accounting and Finance It is about collecting, maintaining, and remitting tax money and documents in lieu of money that still found the risk of working with people. The risk of the Area Revenue Branch Office branch There is the greatest operational risk. There is risk management in all 7 areas. Operations are normal tasks that must be carried out in accordance with the law. regulations and guidelines that still do not focus on the risk management process. The most common risk management problems general management aspects of the risk management process that cover every step but are not continuous. Factors related to risk management are personnel and services; 2) Risk management strategies of the Area Revenue Branch Offices under Revenue Office Region 7 developed, including 1 vision; 2 missions; 2 goals; 2 strategic issues; 9 strategies; 22 indicators; and 51 measures; and 3) The results of the assessment of risk management strategies of the Area Revenue Branch Offices. Under Revenue Office Region 7, most strategies are consistent. There should be appropriate possibility and usefulness at the highest level.

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Sungsuwan, P., Nithakorn, R., & Jaemchaeng, K. (2022). Strategies for Developing Risk Management of the Area Revenue Branch Under the Revenue Office Region 7. Journal of Arts Management, 6(2), 969–983. Retrieved from
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