Development of Thai Herbal Products for Healthcare of Postpartum Women

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Yamila Domea
Laddawan Choothong


Postpartum women have physical changes, from the beginning of pregnancy to birth, causing the body to adapt. After birth, there will be problems with amniotic fluid, Inflammation and swelling pain in the stomach. Development of Thai herbal products for the healthcare of postpartum women aimed to 1) study information about Thai herbal products for the healthcare of postpartum women and 2)develop products from the Thai herbal products for healthcare of postpartum women. This research is research and development. The instrument for collecting data on herbs and developing products. The statistics used were the average finding, percentage, and narrative statistics.

The findings showed that: 1) General Information Studies The seven herbs, according to the recipe of the belly sink, are Alums, Potassium nitrate, Piper nigrum, Allium sativum, Bridelia ovata Decne, Piper longum, and Zingiber montanum. It has properties that reduce pain, reduce inflammation, heal wounds and increase blood circulation.

2) Preparation of herbs Use solvents 95%Ethanol of the extract is a viscous liquid, dark green with a pH of 5.6 ± 0.1 for the percentage of the yield of the extract: 20.69 ± 0.01 (n=1).

3) Studying the stability of extracts Store at low temperatures, store in the refrigerator at 4°C for more than 1 month, which will keep the color and smell unchanged.

4) Evaluation of physical characteristics, creamy texture, light green, moderate viscosity, mild acidity, pH ranges from 5 to 6 gels, the gel texture spreads well on the skin. The gel has a clear color, less moderate viscosity, fast penetration, and mild acidity.

5) Assess the satisfaction of cream and gel formula in color, smell, viscosity. Penetration into the skin is very satisfying.


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