Attributes of the Ortorkor Floating Market Affecting Consumers Service Selection in Bangkok Metropolitan

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Arithut Sripitpibul
Phiphat Nonthanathorn


The objectives of this research were to 1) Study the personal factors that affect the behavior of using the Ortorkor floating market of consumers in Bangkok. 2) Study the characteristics of the Ortorkor floating market that consumers to decision making to use the service 3) Study and compare the attitudes of using the service Ortorkor floating market, Khlong Lat Mayom floating market And Kwan Riam floating market in various ways, used as a guideline for the development and management of Ortorkor floating market for efficiency and effectiveness. The questionnaires as a tool for studying. The sample consisted of 400 people. Statistics used in data analysis consisted of frequency, percentage, mean, chi-square statistics, t-statistics and one-way variance. At the statistical significance level 0.05

The results of the study revealed that 1) Personal factors relating to gender, age, status, education, occupation and average monthly income correlated with the behavior of using floating market services. In which the majority of users are female, age between 31-40 years old, single status, bachelor's degree level private company employee And have an average monthly income 20,001-30,000 baht. objectives to buy the desired product, most of which are agricultural products, come to use the service 2-3 times per family by private car And activities that are done while using the service are eating food. 2) Consumers who use the Ortorkor floating market, giving priority to the utilities' features is the most sufficient followed by ease of travel, product variety, unique photo spots and reputation of the market respectively. 3) When comparing the attitudes of choosing to use the service Found that the overall characteristics of all consumers are most important to the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market, next is Kwan Riam floating market and Ortorkor floating market, respectively

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