The Way of Kruba’s life: Concepts and mechanisms of Participatory Social Development

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Phra Naruepan Ñanissaro


 Kruba is a word to be used to convey to monks with good practice. The practice model, respected by the general people, has sacrifices, committed to both mental development and social development. Krubas in Lanna, widely known to be during the 24th-century era, Kruba Srivichai, Kruba KhaoPea, and Kruba Wong. The three venerable monks of Krubas are considered to be famous and well-known by general people.

         The way of Kruba’s life is a statement showing the good practice, performed by Kruba and has been transferred until the present. People in Lanna society know the way of Kruba’s life in terms of social development especially Kruba Srivichai can be considered as a true developer. The society’s development of kruba srivichai has been focus on creating the participation of people in the community and those involved, including merchants, officials, government officials, etc. At present the way of Kruba’s life has been applied as a mechanism for social development through the project. “The way of Kruba’s life, Work together” by Lamphun Provincial Administrative Organization, has been applied for the development of society according to the principle of the way of Kruba’s life. There is a starting point from the process of creating learning principles of the way of Kruba’s life. When the learning process occurs, the process of creating 4 contributions follows : the planning to propose needs / problems And summed up the project 2) The Joint operation to help each other to work under The way of Kruba’s life 3) The Follow up and evaluation of a collaboration of both communities and local administrative organizations in jointly checking the results of operations as expected or not and 4) The common benefits in a common use of the various projects Including joint maintenance. If the community can follow way of Kruba’s life, the process has a perfect participation. That will lead to the participatory development of society, using the principle of Krubas in developing society sustainably. Under the statement that “Think together, do together, check together, take advantage and conserve together”

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