Physics of Awakening: An Analytical of Buddhism Perspective

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Samart Sukhuprakarn


Awakening up to know the truth in Buddhism is the cultivation of mindfulness, to awareness for contact, namely Mahasatipatthana 4. Consciousness behavior is arising up and coming down such as a wave. The frequency of consciousness wave is 4 x10 cycle per second. It seems to be an infrared wave. Therefore awareness to catch the feeling of mind as the Dependent Origination cycle, so many speed, and cultivation of mindfulness has to be 4 methods. Consciousness maybe energy and can communicate with others.

The property of Consciousness looks like a wave so physics theory can explain mind phenomenon with integration. There are; the liberation of the matter is the combination of matter with antimatter, the liberation of conscious mind is the combination of consciousness with mental factors by the contemplation of mind. Mind seeing the mind means awareness, so awareness of physics is the development of mindfulness in physical view.    

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