The Victims of Plastic Surgery and Remedies for Victims in Thailand

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Sirirat Phomhitatorn


This article aimed to 1) study situations of being victims of plastic surgery crimes, 2) to study remediation process for victims of plastic surgery mistakes and 3) to study preventive and remedial guidelines for plastic surgery victims. This qualitative study was conducted by in-depth interviewing with plastic surgery victims, aged 25-60 years, suffering from plastic surgery including the key persons that have not less than five years’ experience related to the plastic surgery remediation process total 10 persons from Bangkok and vicinity. The study results indicated that the group being the victims of plastic surgery with fake surgeons comprised LGBT persons that do plastic surgery with fake surgeons since they were young. The second group was victims of plastic surgery that performed by certified plastic surgeons. The victims in this group were women being office workers and product presenters with moderate income/salary, decided to do plastic surgery from reviewer recommendation and hospitals or clinics promotion. The research suggested that there should be a neutral agency that supervises advertisements associated with undergoing plastic surgery. Moreover, an agency in charge of undergoing plastic surgery should have an outstanding scope of duties. The No-Fault Compensation System should be adapted to plastic surgery victims for the benefits of fast remediation provided to victims.


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