Guidelines for Increasing the Efficiency of Prisoner Control: A Case Study of Central Youth Correctional Institution

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Nuthapol Noiprasert
Suppakorn Poonyariyh


This research aims to study the problem and conditions of the prisoner control to solve and improve the control effectiveness of the inmates in Central Youth Correctional Institution. This qualitative research is based on the collection of documents and related study. Primary data from the interview of the key informants which are executive level officers and the operation personnel for a number of 15 persons in total. The results showed that the problems were 1) discontinuation of strategy or operational policy 2) excess of prisoners 3) inmate quarreling 4) smuggling of prohibited items 5) control of the serious behavior inmate and 6) lack of personnel. Guidelines for solving of the inmate control problems include 1) development of communication within the Department of Corrections along with the opportunity in policy planning or operational personnel measure 2) case deviation from the judicial process 3) use of inmate spy for incident and situation monitoring 4) utilization of individual inspection technology to reduce the smuggling problem 5) preparation of the breakout risking list or influenced inmate including temporary isolation measure and 6) appropriate personnel management as the guideline of efficiency enhancement for inmate control, which are landscape improvement, development of the personnel potential and application of technology for the inmate control.


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Noiprasert, N., & Poonyariyh, S. (2020). Guidelines for Increasing the Efficiency of Prisoner Control: A Case Study of Central Youth Correctional Institution . Journal of Criminology and Forensic Science, 6(2), 137-152. Retrieved from
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