Guideline on the Application of Probative Measures to Solve the Problem of Recidivism in Cases Relating to Sexual Offences

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Pornphet Cholsaktrakul


This article has an objective to study the guideline on the application of probative measures in order to solve the problem of recidivism in cases relating to sexual offences. Comparative studies will be conducted on probative measures in Thailand and the state of Georgia, the United States of America. According to the research, it was found that, unlike the USA, conditions are not set forth specifically for sexual offenders in Thailand. Therefore, in order to increase the effectiveness of probation in Thailand, it is proposed that conditions should be set forth specifically for sexual offenders. Furthermore, sexual offenders should be required to report themselves to the authorities more frequently. Also, information concerning sexual offenders should be disclosed to government officials working closely with the community in which the sexual offender are residing. Probative measures for sexual offenders should, moreover, be applied to the offenders released from prison after having fully served their sentences which were neither been commuted nor suspended. In addition, relevant officers should be provided adequately so that probation granted to sexual offenders become more effective in a way that the rate of recidivism is further reduced.


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Cholsaktrakul, P. (2020). Guideline on the Application of Probative Measures to Solve the Problem of Recidivism in Cases Relating to Sexual Offences. Journal of Criminology and Forensic Science, 6(2), 197-210. Retrieved from
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