• JINTANA SAITONGKUM Faculty of Music and Drama, Bunditpatanasilpa Institute
  • KWANJAI KONGTHAWOR Faculty of Music and Drama, Bunditpatanasilpa Institute
  • NITTAYA RUSAMAI Faculty of Music and Drama, Bunditpatanasilpa Institute


The Creative Performance, Puen-Thai, Four regions, Thai


          Puen-Thai creative dancing art series are a combination of traditional Thai dancing arts and folk performingarts that convey characteristic of local people from different regions of Thailand. This type of performance has a unique body movement and multi-purpose of stage usage. The highlighted feature of this dancing is outstanding fabric canvases. The fabric canvas itself implies the symbol of our great nation and theking which provide peace and tranquility to all races in Thailand that share a unique identityleading to tangible cultural heritage for the next generations.

            The work processes are summarized as follows : 1) This valuable cultural heritage is inspired by the concept of national symbols and the Thai monarch which provide harmony and happiness to all race’s citizens. 2) The melodies of the musical theme are an improvement between some parts of the melodies of opening ceremony of the Iconsiam, one of the largest shopping malls in Asia, and the folk music from different regions in order to reflect their identities. 3) There are 10 male and 24 female performers in the show. While actors present national flag-waving by the colorful fabric canvases, female actresses are divided in a group of 6 from the northern, northeastern, central and the southern regions. 4) Dancing steps and patterns are designed from both the traditional Thai dance and folk performing arts across the country which emphasizes on body movements and a variety of purposes on the theatre usages. 5) The costumes and accessories are designed in accordance with regional dressing style including the jewellery to improve their beauty. 6) The performance will be presented to expert audiences. 7) In the final step, the performance will be public. The processes of dance are introduced as follows:

          1) Puen-Pha–Puen-Phak [the canvases and the regions] is to demonstrate independent nationand the happiness of Thai people from various cultures in each region.
          2) Puen-Thai [the fabric canvas] is to show love, unity and sufficiency in Thailand.


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