• KONTORN SATJEEKUL Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University
  • KAMOL PHAOSAVASDI Faculty of Fine Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University


Diary, Printmaking art, Appropriation Art


          The aim of the research is to be able to gain insight into the creation of art in terms of emotional and sensational factors. This leads to the creative processes and brings the apparent results. “Printmaking” is the main technique of the researcher who gathered the results by daily working and getting involved with other artists for the primary data. The main findings are:

           1. Emotional involvement is one of the main factors of art creation.  
           2. Temperamental changes influence on pieces of art.  
           3. Emotional self-management is essential for create the best of works.  

           By this research, secondary data were collected through various articles on the relevant subject area; the theories of emotional subject, psychology, fine art’s works related to the emotional factors in creating works.  The results of hypothesis testing revealed that the emotional and sensational factors have affected to art creation. 

            1. Model of ‘Process Art’ is proved to have a more impact on art creation. This model would be most effective for studying and collecting data on daily work and would also be able to provide the appropriate data set for analyzing various factors in terms of the relationship between emotions on daily basis. 
            2. Appropriation Art is emphasized on the same from of ‘Abstract Expressionism’ as a good way of presenting works.  This method aims to focus on the expression of emotions and feeling through the creation of art.  The researcher takes this concept to conclude the results of study by taking notes of emotional content, story and experience on each day.  After that, the received data sets of works would be studied, observed and analyzed one by one in order to find each style, difference and emotional expression affecting to the creation of art. 


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