Thatsana Nataya Chatri Dance : A Creative Conservation Process of Performing Arts for Competition

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ดุสิตธร งามยิ่ง


          The research on Thatsana Nataya Chatri Dance: A Creative Conservation Process of Performing Arts for Competition was aimed at 1) to study the creative process of performing arts for competition; 2) to devise the creative process of performing arts for competition; and 3) to apply the process for the competition.  The study was conducted using the qualitative research method in Bangkok (Thailand) through documentary study and data from field observations, interviews and focus group meetings.  Data were collected from 50 informants consisting of 10 experts on the subject, 30 practitioners and 10 general information providers.  The data collection instruments consisted of participatory and non-participatory forms, structured and non-structured interview schedules and focus group note forms. The data were verified by the triangulation technique and presented using the descriptive analysis. The results of the study reveal that the creative conservation process of performing arts should be initiated by those who have experienced using a prior knowledge in the pursuit of new knowledge.  The new knowledge is combined to generate creative work with the conservation process in 8 aspects: a study of format and regulations of the competition, a study of basic information on performing arts, defining the performance format, a fieldwork to acquire an in-depth information, the data analysis, design of performing arts, performance rehearsals and presentation. Inventing the conservation process of cultural performing arts Thatsana Nataya Chatri dance consists of 33 dance postures and 14 transformed patterns.  The performance requires 6 dancers, 3 males and 3 females. Costume features both male and female classical and modified dancer’s costumes. The duration of the show takes 5 minutes. As for the application for the competition, this creative work has been selected by Dramatic Works Association (Thailand) to represent Thailand at the Lombok International Dance Sports Festival 2015 held in Lombok, Indonesia.  The team has been awarded the Second Place in the Traditional Dance category.

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