Musical Importance and Elements of Kalor Music in Krabi and Trang Provinces

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Natthawut Swangsuk


          The research aims to study Kalor musical groups, songs, its importance and role in Krabi and Trang provinces. The method used in this study includes the ethnomusicological methodology of the musical groups and Kalor musicians in the Southern Andaman Coast area. The research finds that there are 4 Kalor musical groups, two groups in Krabi province and two groups in Trang province. Only one of these 4 Kalor musical groups is still actively playing Kalor music in hired events.   

          The Kalor music is a piece of ritual music for playing in misfortune events in the south of Thailand. Each Kalor musical group consists of 3-4 musicians with 3 musical instruments, namely 1) Pee Kalor or Pee Hor 2) 2 Thons including large and small Thons and 3) 1-2 Gong(s). Songs to be played are categorized into 2 kinds, spell and general songs. The number of songs to be played is around 12 – 25 songs. Song construct is divided into 2 parts, prelude and melody part. 

          The importance and role of Kalor music towards people are declining nowadays that due to changing beliefs, appreciation, and ways of life. Hence, Kalor musical groups in Krabi and Trang provinces are gradually closing down.

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