Traditional Tourism to inherit Culture and Local Wisdom of Food of Marginal Culture Group in Kanchanaburi Province

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Unchun Tuntates
Angsumalin Jamnongchob


          This research aimed to study a tradition of food and food security, including local products which could be developed to become a tourism product in the marginal area of Kanchanaburi province. Sangkhlaburi district and Thong Pha Phum district were defined to be the study area. Data collection of this qualitative research were observation and semi-structured interviews.

          The result found that nowadays the basis of the tradition of local food and food security of both Thong Pha Phum and district Sangkhlaburi district occurred naturally from surrounding and natural resources which benefited the local communities to make a living such as agriculture, fishery, and forest utilization. The culture of Mon’s food was similar to the Karen that their living always relied on the biodiversity of nature. It was a crucial factor which benefited the communities for inheriting their culture and local wisdom from their ancestors.

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Tuntates, U., & Jamnongchob, A. (2019). Traditional Tourism to inherit Culture and Local Wisdom of Food of Marginal Culture Group in Kanchanaburi Province. Journal of Cultural Approach, 20(38), 17–26. Retrieved from
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