Conservation and Development of the Performing Arts of Puppet Theater in Thailand

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Panot Susuwan
Boonsom Yodmalee
et al.


              This study aims to 1) Study the problems of the puppet show in the present and 2) Study of the Conservation and development of integrated value added of the art of puppet show in Thailand. The research methodology as qualitative method has been conducted by documentary and field study using multiple tools such as observation, notification, interview, focus group and cultural discussion Purposive sampling method was employed to identify the key informants, operation person and general informants which involved in the Art House of Puppet show.

              1) The general problems of the puppet show in Thailand occurred from the organized as private business which fence the monetary support from the government. Under the conditions of Economic-Art, The puppet show organization including actor’s status in the Art House of Joe Louise has been changed from Traditionalism to Cultural Universality which controlled by marketing factors. The original show has been modified to fashionable related to the social situations. The present show reflect the mix of conflict and the negotiation between original cultures to the globalization. This is to survive in the context of economic, social and culture today.

              2) This study find 3 ways to integrated value added of the art of puppet show in Thailand are the knowledge, the instruction and environment which promote the new generation to protect and carry the knowledge with awareness in value of cultural art in the developing social.

              This study also suggest the curriculum of puppet show in to school or university in term of conservation. The others are the production of the video of puppet show give to the education institute for learning use and the provincial cultural center for database record. The exhibition and online website both Thai and English language broadcast to the interested people worldwide.

              In term of the development of the puppet show of art house Jo Louise is emphasized on the Thai unique and caring in cultural value which judge as the heart of the show. As well as pay importance in the creative of the show and develop the fresh, fashionable across the cultural together. The show has continually adapted to the appropriate affected to this line of the show to disappear the original.

              In term of the adding the value of puppets show, the study show the way of improve the quality of life of the band. By developing the life quality of the business owner of puppet show to increase more income and profit by selling the goods and gimmicks. This aims to increase the audience awareness on the show and the unique and usefulness. The puppet show also launch the gift voucher of the art house Jo Louise with other business.

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