Creating the Lacquerware from Thai - Vietnam

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Raphiphat Monphrom
Yuwadee Tong-on


          This research aimed to application of those techniques to invent lacquer handicraft products and promotion of creation of new products based on lacquerware handicrafts. Tools used in this research are questionnaire, and interviews about products design and the lacquerware of Thailand - Vietnam. The question of satisfaction in the work about technical for made the lacquerware. To test the samples. There are three sets. The first set of techniques. Using lacquer from Vietnam, and paste gold leaves of Thailand. The second set: using lacquer of Thailand. The third set: using lacquer from Vietnam, and made Thai painting. The second set were selected to be produced and bring to evaluate satisfaction of those interested in the design of lacquerware products. The results of the satisfaction had the functional. The beautiful reflects an identity suitability materials for production and processes. All the average level ( =4.33).

The publication of creative lacquerware, the researchers established to publish had two ways. The first way, integrating with the souvenir product design subject of the third year students’ program product design, there are seventeen people. The satisfaction evaluation in the methodology, content and the value to publish. The average of includes all aspects at a high level ( =4.21). The second way, exhibition for show lacquer works, the satisfaction evaluation, an average total satisfied of all aspects level ( =4.23) of one hundred people. As compared with the criteria specified from the application of art and culture from Thailand - Vietnam.  To inherit forward the wisdom about lacquerware is our duty to all of Thai people, if you will in any way, may be a part of the create works, as a mediator to convey the knowledge, a supporters by either use of products using by themselves or as a souvenir. To remain in Thailand further

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