Influence of Entrepreneurial Learning on College Students' Entrepreneurial Behavior in Heilongjiang Province, China

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Eksiri Niyomsilp
Chuan Zhou


Based on the research results of entrepreneurship education, combining social learning theory, taking the college students in Heilongjiang province as the research object, this paper was explored the internal relationship between entrepreneurial learning and entrepreneurial behavior of college students by questionnaire survey. Through the reliability, validity, correlation and regression analysis of 426 valid questionnaires, the research conclusion was finally drawn. Through the conclusion of the research, the enlightenment of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities is drawn. Colleges and universities should set up the curriculum system of entrepreneurship education reasonably, optimize the curriculum teaching of entrepreneurship education in schools, stimulate students' interest in entrepreneurial learning, cultivate students' entrepreneurial ability in teaching practice, so as to promote the occurrence of college students' entrepreneurial behavior.


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