The Influencing Factors of Chiness University Student's Tourism Consumption Decision, in Xiamen City, China

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Linwen Xiao
Eksiri Niyomsilp


According to the statistics of the China Statistical Yearbook, 2020 The number of college students in China in the year reached 32.853 million. The impact of such a large group on the development of the tourism industry should not be underestimated. This article uses a questionnaire survey method to study the influencing factors of Chinese college students’ travel consumption decisions, and provide a basis for tourism companies to better develop the college student market. This paper verifies the influence of self-efficacy, saving values and family functions on college students’ travel decisions through empirical research. According to the research results and the characteristics of Chinese college students, it is recommended that tourism companies: 1. Provide more personalized travel routes for college students, such as graduation travel, couple travel, etc. 2. Design tourism products with reasonable prices. 3. Adopt a variety of sales methods to attract college students. 4. Design a tour group suitable for college students to travel with their parents.


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