Impact of Perceived Value Dimensions on Purchase Intention for Intangible Cultural Heritage Souvenir: A Case of Xi’an City in China

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Ntapat Worapongpat
Haiying Liu
Eksiri Niyomsilp



Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) souvenir is a special one which can meet the Chinese tourists’ cultural and characteristic needs for souvenirs in China. However it was found that very little research had been conducted regarding the relationship between purchase intention for ICH souvenir and its antecedents. The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of perceived value dimensions on purchase intention for ICH souvenir. This study conducted an empirical study on ICH souvenir in Xi’an city China. The finding indicated that the five perceived value dimensions namely perceived functional value, epistemic value, self-efficacy value, relationship support value and price value had significant impacts on purchase intention for ICH souvenir. The findings provided valuable information for tourism enterprises and government agencies.


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