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Papassara Rakiti
Amornwit Nakornthap
Preut Siribanpitak


The objectives of this research was to study the conceptual framework of investment in education for career in Special Economic Zones (SEZs). This research was conducted using the qualitative research approach, synthesizing related theories and research papers of investment in education for career in SEZs of Sa Kaeo and Nakhon Phanom to develop a preliminary conceptual framework. Then, the ten experts, five experts from each SEZ, were invited to a focus group discussion in order to assess the framework, using the Index of item Objective Congruence, IOC.

           The research finding revealed that:

          IOC of the conceptual framework of SEZ Sa Kaeo was 0.96, and 0.97 for SEZ Nakhon Phanom. Two conceptual frameworks of investment in education for career in SEZs were found; i.e. 1) the conceptual framework of investment in education for career, composed of two aspects, which were 1.1) investment in education or an education service management provided by public and private sectors, and 1.2) career education which composed of 4 processes, and 2) the conceptual framework for career and skills in SEZ, composed of two aspects 2.1) careers,  which were 2.1.1) 7 target careers of SEZ, and 2.1.2) careers in need of the labor market, and 2.2) types of skills required in SEZs, i.e. 2.2.1) transferable skills, and 2.2.2) non-transferable skills.

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