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Thurdkeattiphol Saengmaneejeeranandacha
Rattaphong Sonsuphap


The present study aimed at studying the problems of rights to marriage and child adoption in LGBT in Thailand and the opportunities and challenges in terms of marriage and child adoption in the points of view among the scholars and social activist. The samplings consisted of the social scientists, human scientists and social activist related to transgender totally 7 people. The study was qualitative research which concerned about the experiences as well as opinions of the samplings by in-depth interview.

According to the study, it was found that: 1) the problem of the rights of spouses and legitimate child of LGBT people group in Thailand. It was found that marriage registration of LGBT groups who could not act because of contrary to Thailand Civil and Commercial Code in Section 1448 and 1458. For Civil Partnership Bill 2018 would not grant that doesn’t cover LGBT people group, especially the right to legitimate child , which in law has stated about the issue of adoption, it will be done only with mutual consent spouses only. Specifically agree to comply with the rights and obligations to the adopted child who provided that support as well. And 2) the opportunities and challenges in issues of marriage and legitimate child of LGBT people group. In the view of academician and social activists in Thailand, they found that in the current society, Thailand opens the way attitudes and acceptance of diverse human identity in the LGBT group more. This may be the chance that this group should have the right to sexual diversity that will create the basic needs of human beings completely which can see from the state acceptance; however, the balance between the rights and freedoms is important above all else. Especially, it should have human rights in each person, and everyone in society should respect such rights and freedoms. It may state that how much the same sex person will be promoted that depends on the laws that incur from a stream of society with an equal view on human rights in order to have a comprehensive and consistent understanding. That is the challenge of Thai society that needs a time to prove the law that supports the rights of spouses and legitimate child of LGBT people group. Suggestions from this study. Should create campaigns through online media to promote and support human rights in gender equality. Especially to enhance knowledge and understanding of sexual rights and sexual diversity to be in line with the current lifestyle of the society and should promote the correct understanding of gender equality under equal human rights.

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