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อาคีรา ราชเวียง (Akera Ratchavieng)


This research is survey and development, has aimed to study and confirm appropriate factors of the integrated marketing communication strategy model for health of elderly care business in Thailand.  The questionnaires were constructed as a research tool for collecting data from 697 entrepreneurs of elderly care business in Thailand. The data was advance statistically analyzed with exploratory factor analysis: EFA and confirmatory factor analysis: CFA.

The research findings were:

The result of exploratory factor analysis indicated that the seven factors could interpret 70.81 of variance calculating integrated marketing communication strategy for health of elderly care business in Thailand. Furthermore, the result of confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the developed factor model of the integrated marketing communication strategy for health of elderly care business in Thailand was created consistently and fitly with empirical data. The developed model to confirm appropriate factors consisted of seven factors. 1) The use of electronic media for service with other media. 2) Sales by sales staff with information dissemination. 3) Seminar, Exhibition and new service. 4) Dedicated media by employee. 5) Mass media advertising. 6) Public relation to focuses direct sales. 7) Using the Guide and Products as a Media from forty-four indicators.

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