Image perception and Participation of Thai Health Promotion Foundation

  • ปวรรัตน์ สันติเจริญเลิศ
  • พรทิพย์ สัมปัตะวานิช
Keywords: Media Exposure, Image Perception, Participation, Thai Health Promotion Foundation


The purposes of this research were to study the demographic characteristic on news
exposure and to study relationship of media perception, image and participation between
Thai Health Promotion Foundation and demographic characteristic. The study was based on
quantitative research with 400 mixed-method samplings with probability sampling and nonprobability,
and purposive sampling to Bangkok people.
The findings were age and career effected to news exposure and only career impact
to news content. The THPF’s news exposure had positive relationship with organization’s
image. The content on news exposure was the highest rank. However, the organization’s
image had equivalent positive relationship with the participation in middle rank.


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