Marketing Strategies for Online to Offline to On Ground Marketing of Digital Television in Thailand

  • นครินทร์ ชานะมัย
Keywords: Marketing communication strategies, Online to Offline to On Ground, Digital television


This qualitative research aims to study a marketing communication strategy "Online
to Offline to On Ground" of digital television in Thailand. Due to the behavior of media
exposure of television viewers or offline changed, digital television industry is fierce
competition for market share. Digital television in Thailand pays more attention to the use of
comprehensive marketing communication tools based on promotion components. The
marketing promotion activities through marketing communication tools is contained public
relations, advertising, special events (On Ground), personal brand building and marketing
promotion. By using public relations channels for organizing activities through media within
digital television online media is used to allow consumers to receive more media in the
digital age via the Facebook website, TV, or YouTube so that viewers can engage to digital
TV more often. This academic article reviews literature and the analysis of relevant
academic documents to reflect concepts and gain new knowledge in developing marketing
communication strategy "Onlineto Offline to On Ground". It is the enhancement of the
organization's marketing communication to the opportunity to increase revenue in other
available channels. Leading to the development of the television industry in the digital age
to be progressive and lift up the Thailand television and media industry.


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