The Use of Information in the Creation of Fine Arts by Fine and Applied Arts Students in Public Universities


  • Naphaphat Omee -
  • Sasipimol Prapinpongsakorn


The purpose of this research was to study the use and problems of using information for the creation of artistic works by students of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts in public higher education institutions. as well as comparing the use and problems of using information for creative works by grade level, academic year and group of disciplines. by using quantitative research methods. The samples used in the research were 456 undergraduate students in the 3rd year and 4th year enrolled in the academic year 2021 using stratified sampling method, classified by grade level, academic year and field of study. The tools used for data collection were questionnaires. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean, standard deviation. and tested with independent t-test statistics. The students aimed to use information to find modern techniques in the creation of works of designers, artists or other experts the most. As for the format, it was found that the use of non-published media was the most. where students search directly from the bookshelf by themselves And the most used sources of information are other sources such as natural scenery. Art fairs, music listening, book and supplies stores As for the problem of using information, it was found that The students had the most problems in information sources. When comparing the use and problems of using information for creative works, it was found that students with different academic year levels had no difference in use and problems in using it as a whole. while students of different subject groups had different usage and problem using statistical significance at .05


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