The Users' Need for Learning Space Services at Kasetsart University Library


  • Navarat Phokiew



learning space, library, users' need, user studies, Kasetsart University library


This research aimed to study the suitability and the users’ need for learning space services at Kasetsart University Library by using a mixed methods research. 1) Quantitative method was used for collecting data from 400 undergraduate students of KU by using questionnaire. Statistics, including percentage mean, and standard deviation were used for data analysis. 2) Qualitative method was conducted by in-depth interviews with 10 key informants who were students regularly using the learning space services. Qualitative data was analyzed by using the content analysis.  Research results were reported based on both quantitative and qualitative data.The results of this research indicated that the suitability for learning space services at Kasetsart University Library was at a moderate level is (x̄ = 2.68). Suitable learning space management were Multimedia and Edutainment (x̄ = 4.11) and the Internet service room (x̄ = 4.09) because learning space management was suitable for users’ needs with sufficient equipment. Furthermore, the overall users’ need for learning space services was at a high level (x̄ = 4.23). When five individual aspects were considered, an aspect with the highest mean was 1) Atmosphere and service hour (x̄ = 4.33) users needed the library’s noise regulations, extension of the service hours during Saturday-Sunday and 24/7 opening hour, followed by 2)Furniture (x̄ = 4.23) users needed various types of furniture that support users’ body with no pain while using for a long time, 3) Facilities (x̄ = 4.13) users needed more  power outlets, presentation board, and a shop or stationery service, 4) Space and space management (x̄ = 4.04) users needed to access to folding seats in an empty space and the assimilation of elements of the library into a single building, 5) Required space characteristics (x̄ = 3.99) users needed eating available space in the building, more spaces for groups, and rest. The findings of this study led to the suggestions as follows: the use of space of undergraduate students should not be restricted.  Learning space should be arranged appropriately to consistent with the atmosphere and furniture. The availability of the facilities and services should be provided.  Learning space should provide relaxing atmosphere with relaxing zone, modern and fully integrated facilities that support the need of users at all times.


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