Investigation of Buyers’ Purchase Intention of Condominium along the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Purple Line: Case Study on the Residential Development near Rail Stations in Bangkok

  • Pornraht Pongprasert Lecturer, Department of Real Estate Business, Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University. 2 Prachan Road, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200
Keywords: Purchase intention, Condominium, Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Purple Line, Residential development


                   This research aims to investigate the factors influencing buyers’ purchase intention of condominiums along the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) purple line which is latest rail transit line where the condominium projects are rapidly growing. It attracts people to live near the rail transit system. This research suggests that real estate developers understand the customers’ important factors of deciding on purchasing condominiums along the MRT purple line. In this research, the data was collected by questionnaires answered by 320 buyers and those interested in purchasing residences along the MRT purple line. The data of socio-economics and importance levels of marketing mix and image of developers among respondents were analyzed by using the binary logistic regression model. In result, it can be found that single, high-income level, the importance of interior design of condominium and the quality of building materials and finishing materials influencing the buyers’ purchase intention of condominium along the MRT purple line.


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