Rhetorical Tactics of Effective Seller via Live Streaming on Thailand E-Commerce Application

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Tanapol Kansong
Papassara Chaiwong


This qualitative study was purposed to study Rhetorical tactics used by effective live streaming sellers via Thailand e-commerce application to create 1) source credibility (Ethos) 2) logical message (Logos) and 3) emotional engagement (Pathos). Applying purposive sampling, digital rhetoric framework and Rhetorical analysis method were employed to study effective fifteen video clips (ranked by views), which were live-broadcasted on e-commerce application. Frequency of the tactics used in each clip was also recorded. The results showed that the top three tactics, used by live-streaming product presenters in each aspect were as follows: Source credibility (Ethos): included (1) demonstrating the product knowledge, (2) demonstrating good knowledge of live streaming platform, and (3) giving rewards or benefits to the audience; Logical message  (Logos): included (1) describing the product's characteristics together with providing visual corresponding demonstrations, (2) clarifying good ‘value for money’ of the product,  and (3) providing purchasing information; Emotional engagement (Pathos/Engagement) included (1) demonstrating sense of social presence with the audience, (2) conversing with the audience with interesting content, not only referring to the product or referring to the product information, and (3) expressing understanding and empathy towards consumers' viewpoints. In addition, it was found that the Rhetorical tactics the presenter used in each product category were different, for example, in fashion products (outfits, female accessories), the presenter rather focused on product demonstration than other types of products.


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