The News Values of Citizen Materials in News of Mass Media

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phattar burarak
Samatcha Nilaphatama


This article aims to find out the news values of citizen materials in the news, how professional journalists perceive the values of citizen materials, and how or to what reasons mass media use these materials in the transitioning period of television stations to digitalize in Thailand. This study uses a qualitative research method to analyze the contents of daily news programs of three digital television stations in Thailand. A one-week observation in their newsrooms is also conducted. The study argues that professional journalists still assess the news values of citizen materials based on the conventional approach. On the contrary, only two values of citizen journalism can be found in this study. The citizen materials are mostly used in the morning news programs. Most of the news staff tend to consider citizen materials as soft news, which requires more caution. On this account, news values of citizen materials are still under professionalism.


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phattar burarak, University of phayao

New Media communication, School of Manangement information science


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