A Comparison of the Traditional Method and the Use of Technology Portable Personal Computer in the Process of Village Survey

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Amares Thepma
Terdsak Techakritkachorn
Settawut Bamrungkhul


A survey of the village is the process of collecting basic data to be used in the development plan of the village. Nowadays, it requires the development of data collection operation. This research was conducted to compare the traditional method and the use of technology portable personal computer in the process of making a village map and in the process of an architectural measure works. The study was found that the process of making the village map, which was the area operation, the use of technology of portable personal computer had advantages over the traditional method in all 3 steps. Especially during operations, it could save data by using symbols instead of conveying the information without the limitations of a device, such as a logo, color, and size of the line. As for the process of architectural measure works, which was the dimension of insight operation, the traditional method had advantages rather than the use of the technology portable personal computer. However, there were still some weaknesses, which was limited to the technology portable personal computers could be applied to reduce various restrictions effectively.


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